EForce Hosting/Speckz/Barnabas Toth has a responsibility to provide top quality service and support for our customers. As such we provide the following service level guarantees:

Network Uptime: EForce Hosting/Speckz/Barnabas Toth guarantees network uptime of 99.9%. This includes our internal network and connectivity at the border routers to the exterior. Outages outside of our network cannot be covered by our SLA although we will pro-actively contact our providers to follow up with issues affecting our customers if the issues happen within our providers’ peering points. If total outages exceeds .1% of uptime for a month, customer will be credited for one full day of service. Outages exceeding one-day of service (has never happened) will be credited on a case by case basis.

Hardware Replacement: At EForce Hosting/Speckz/Barnabas Toth, we use high quality hardware to limit the possibility of failure. However, if there should be hardware failure of any kind, we will replace such part within 24 hours of determination of failure by one of our technicians. Note that the hardware replacement SLA can be affected and/or canceled by misuse of the remote reboot ports.